why updating matters and when to update your app

Having custom-made mobile apps and putting them on app markets is a wise step taken for business owners as apps will ensure brand recognition, make interaction smooth between businesses and clients, boost conversion rates, get valuable feedback and build a loyal customer base. However, once the first version of an app hits the stores, the job is only half done as a post-production phase begins. Any app no matter how functional or well-designed, needs frequent (or necessary at times) updates to maintain its effectiveness. It’s like having your car serviced at regular intervals for the best performance. Unlike cars which are advised to be serviced between 6 months to a year (depending on the driving frequency), an app needs more frequent updates. Birmingham app developers suggest minor weekly updates for minor improvements or bug fixes and major ones (feature updates) once or twice a month depending on the size, functionality and scope of the app.

Making updates to your app will

· …keep up with the requirements of the operating system, thus making it keep functioning.

· …show your customers a hint of professionalism and that you just didn’t “fire and forget”

· …keep it bug-free at all times.

· …enhance the features of your app by implementing changes suggested by users on the app market, forums or social media.

· …convert frequent users to loyal customers.

Although the update frequency of most apps on the market is between 1 to 4 times a month, there are other factors to consider how often you should update your app:

· Planning ahead and scheduling updates will save time and money.

· The actual time to implement changes depends heavily on the size of the team to carry out the task.

· The scope of the features to be added will definitely have an effect on the duration of building the update.

Birmingham app developers also warn us not to have too frequent updates (like a daily update for each tiny bug) as it can annoy the user to a point that results in uninstallation of the app.